Tap to Pay coming to a Pebble device with Pagaré

I love being able to tap my Visa card on a payment terminal... makes me feel so modern.  Which is why I can't wait for the Canadian opportunity to use Android Pay with my phone.

In Canada... it'll take some time unfortunately.

But, in the mean time there may be an alternative for those on Pebble devices with the new Pagaré watch strap for the Time, Time Steel or Time Round watches.

For those of you who picked up a device without NFC this looks to be a great option.

For a Kickstarter of $55 right now they would send you (by July 2016) the strap which has the NFC chip in it and then ties into the Pagaré app, which has your credit card info that you've fed into it and then you can tap it to the contactless payment transfer terminal.

This looks like it would bypass any of those "Pay" systems like Samsung or Android or Apple Pay that would cause the issues of hold up and just work on existing systems.


Source:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fitpay/pagare-contactless-payment-smartstraps-for-pebble