[Poll] Do you use a stand? Samsung wants to build one in

The other day we saw that Samsung had patented a new way to use the S-Pen.  Have a portion that bends and then can act as kickstand for your device.


As I've talked to more and more folks about their phone usage, the rising trend is that the phone is replacing other traditional sources of media consumption (reading articles, books, viewing movies, etc...)   With all that consumption, holding your arm at that bent angle can sometimes be a bit of a pain; so having a stand (or a pillow propped up) might be beneficial.

So, I'm asking today about your usage of a stand for your phone.  Obviously the large tablets you'd want to have a stand for and are more common.  But phones, not so much, so I'm interested to hear the results.  Especially after seeing some bizarre types of holders like this one.

Sound off in the poll!