MWC, it's about smarter not bigger

Mobile World Congress for 2016 has come and gone. Slipped in amongst the flagship announcements and high featured mid-range devices was a heck of a lot of innovative tech.

LG kicked it off with it's modular design. It's easy to make devices thinner and sleeker but to make foolproof swappable modules is a real innovation.

Then Samsung stepped up with liquid cooling for it's main chip in the S7. Why would that be needed? Because you are editing VR content on your phone. What about file size? Samsung later announced a 256GB flash storage for mobile devices. You truly don't need the SD card - just that huge storage, the cloud and a drive via OTG and you are ready for anything.

And speaking of VR Alcatel is just the first to be getting cardboard into people's hands by integrating it into their packaging for the Idol 4. LG is diong an interesting spin on the cardboard experience iwth the LG 360 VR that plugs into the LG G5 (taking a page from Samsung's book there). Coke may also be getting into the cardboard business. There will be lots of options for dipping your toes in. 

Oppo brought image stabilization from the lens to the sensor AND is introducing super fast charging.

Then there were the cool accessories; the LG rolling bot and the Samsung Gear 360 and Connect Auto which will plug into your car's OBD-II  and allow diagnostics and telelmatics using your phone.

Most will be coming to Canada. If you get your hands on something new this year and want to share your views - let us know.