I got a Gear VR; now I'm all in for VR

I tried Cardboard at Christmas and it was ok but...then I saw the Gear VR on sale and had a coupon so I finally bit. The experience is so much better than cardboard that I'm a VR convert. It make a huge difference to get content handed to you that demonstrates just how cool VR can be.

Let's talk a little about optics. This is a ~$100 device running off a phone. If you are expecting a 4K experience you are in for a disappointment but the experience is immersive and there is little lag.  A clever group of included video provide a jaw dropping experience. Watch a Cirque de Soleil clip of acrobats going up and down ribbons. If you look at the performers watching with you they motion for you to look forward. Watch Patrick work on a song and you can look around the studio and check out his dog. Even watching Netflix takes on on a new dimension because instead of sitting in your place, you're in a surround theatre of your choosing where you can look around.

The content is super easy to find. There's 3D pictures and videos as well as games and apps from the Samsung and Occulus store.

Controls are intuitive and you can plug your phone in while using the Gear VR if you are using energy intensive apps. Even though your phone is powering the VR it doesn't take a lot of extra power. Watching the Samsung event (that was just like being there) took maybe 30% of the charge. Some people get headaches from VR - I didn't have that problem. I did have a problem getting a comfortable fit though. Speaker placement was surprisingly effective but you can always add earphones, ear buds or any other speaker.

Will people turn into couch potatoes experiencing life through a headset? I do plan on getting a VR kit for Fred but it will be with the PS4. We don't need a computer upgrade right now.