Hands on with the Montar Qi

Long story short - I loved this. I clamped my S6 in place and shook it upside down. Phone didn't budge and kept on charging.

The main problem I have with charging my phone in the Macan is where to put it while it's charging. Plus I prefer to use wireless charging when possible. The Montar Air Qi checks both those boxes. The swivel lets you angle the device any way you need to and the quick release that the side arms open so you can grab your phone and go. It fits perfectly in my cup holder! I can still grab change out of the other cup holder plus access the storage in the arm rest.

So what's in the box? A car charger and the Qi holder. I have a 2 slot car charger with a quick charge outlet so I've got that plugged into the port on the bottom of the charger. It can mount with a sticky pad or suction cup. To set up I suggest you try in in the house first. You can adjust the bottom of the holder so your device is supported in the best position for charging. Once it's set you don't have to readjust it.

You can get the Montar Qi at Amazon. It's a little spendy but if you are committed to wireless charging like I am, it's well worth the price. I wish I had it when I was out on the coast using a rental car. Would have been a great way to keep the phone available for navigation.