ECOXGEAR Ecocarbon BT speaker

Look at the speaker not the desk...
There are a lot of BT speakers out there. What sets this speaker apart is it's ability to charge your device while sharing your tunes. It's beach or pool ready with an IP 68 rating and it's ruggedized. And by ruggedized I mean heavy. It weighs in at almost 1 kg.

It comes with a carabiner and a bike mount and targets outdoors people. It has a handy LED flashlight. It has over a 12 hour battery life for playing your tunes and recharges in 3 hours. Because of the IP 68 rating the volume and skip buttons are large, well protected and little hard to press.  Bluetooth was easy to connect and a pleasant voice confirmed the connection.

But how does it sound? It's has a rear facing subwoofer built in. When the volume is turned up the sound is full and rich but turn it down and it seems a bit tinny which is surprising considering the subwoofer. Still, consider the intended use that's ok; I'm pretty sure you won't notice while having fun in the pool or riding. Like most of these devices, you must be careful to seal all openings before you submerge it.

I got this with AirMiles rewards miles so I am quite pleased. While I won't take it on holidays where I have weighed luggage I will throw it in for driving holidays and use it the backyard in the summer. It this seems like a product for you, it is available on amazon.