Google Fit to track your run from just your watch

from @Android tweet
So... I've recently taken up running, and I love my Endomondo, but I still like one spot that keeps track of everything for me - and because I'm a big Google guy, I love Fit.

Luckily Endomondo allows me to sync Endo data with Fit.

Problem is for some reason in my gym it can't get a GPS lock, so Endomondo uses 0 for distance ... whereas Fit uses an estimated distance... so I'll "start a run" with Fit and then have to manually add it into Endo after (I have a challenge to run 3x a week).

The issue is 'start a run' with Fit doesn't really track a whole lot if you leave your phone in the locker.  Which allowing me to start run and not have to worry about my using my phone sensors would be nice (as it is I carry my phone in my hand while I run).

Well a new update will change that.