FreeRange TV - NOT a subscription service

Shaw has been making some moves in Canada and part of that is stepping up it's mobile game. If you have a Shaw account you can now watch channels you subscribe to using the FreeRange TV app.

About 80 live channels have signed up for the service and only channels you subscribe to are listed for viewing. You can watch movies, On Demand and even download for offline viewing if you will be away from internet access.

It works well once you get logged in (which I had problems with). You can use your shaw email login credentials rather than service account information. Once you've registered the app the device can be adminstered from your service account. This includes setting parental controls, which is a nice feature. You can register up to 40 devices but only 2 can be used at the same time. Streaming seems smooth.

Shaw is working to make their service of value to their customers. First extending home internet using Go WiFi service and now extending your home TV to mobile devices.

Get it on Google Play