[APP] A music player unlike others but with many features

I post often about what I'm listening to on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, but I don't often go into details about the type of player I use on my device. Many would assume I'm just using what comes with my Xperia Z2. That's where Phonograph comes into play!

This music player is unlike others. The developer made sure that it would encompass Google's guide lines for material design.

Phonograph is not only beautiful, but it's well implemented to be one of the best music player on the Google Play store. It's not always about the features, but a lot has to do with how everything flows into each other. The music is played without any hiccups, there's no skipping of tracks, there's even a GAP-LESS feature so that you can get a continuous music stream.

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You  may like to know that Phonograph has a full intergration with last.fm and it's sports a dynamic colour UI that matches the content. Some of you will be glad to know that you can on the fly edit the tags of your music collection which should help with sorting out what's what.

With that comes the ability to get detailed information about each song by pressing on the 3 dot menu beside each song and selecting details, with this you'll be able to get file details such as size, data, time, length and even the encoding type.

Phonograph made sure that it would come pre-loaded with all the default bells and whistle that everyone is used to seeing in music players; Create & Edit playlists, home screen widgets, lock screen playback controls, Go-To action to jump from a song right to an album or artist.

The developer would like to make sure that everyone is reminded that at this time although you can download and install the Phonograph application via the Play store, that it's still in BETA mode. More features and development are coming!

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