[APP] How about I Chromer you this link?

You may think I've made a typo in the topic, but I actually haven't. I'm bringing you an app that I think should be featured all over the Android ecosystem. It's called Chromer. The premise of the app is to allow links that you'll click on in an app open in a custom tab window that makes it seamless as if it were part of the application. We all know that not all apps have implemented this feature and often enough it will just open up our default browser when we open links.

With Chromer, this is a thing of the past making the experience seamless. All of this has been made possible due to the implementation made within the Android operating systems and the latest development of the Chrome application. Chromer is simply making use of the underlying tab feature.

You may be wondering how this affects the browsing experience or even how intensive this might be? Never fear! The application is lightweight, resource friendly, fast and responsive. Chromer takes it to an all new level. Even if you are browsing your favorite app, you'll be able to click links, enjoy the experience of having a tab slide in, but you'll also have the convenience of having access to all your auto-fill, saved password that's within Chrome and more.

Ultimately making the user experience even better.