Pushbullet has a new feature called "Get Remote Files" - allows to get files from an other device

Developers at Pushbullet are hard at work and now they've release what's called "Get Remote Files" which allows you to get files from other devices. It allows you to access the files on your smartphone or tablet remotely and all done via the internet. There's no need to make sure you have your phone near you or the infamous Bluetooth enabled.

This feature is currently supported on Android and Windows.

Pushbullet caused quite a stir in the community in the last few weeks when they announced that starting December 1st, they would move to a premium service and reduce the amount of free features people got use to and we all know how that went. Hopefully this brings to light that they are hard working and they intend to bring more useful features out to the consumers.

Source: Pushbullet