[Poll] What are the elements you require for a fantastic app?

Lately, I feel like I've pared back my Android apps... I'm down to just 108 installed apps (and that doesn't include my Humble Bundle ones).  And I've started to use different apps on different devices.

After being at AndroidTO and seeing a lot of the busy workerbees who build some great apps and the care they particularly spend to ensure their code is up to snuff, there was heavy reminder that the rest of it has to work too... plus we've seen the Best of 2015 from Google Play; so it really has me wondering what YOU need to see in order to have a great app.

So, I've made a quick little poll where I want you to pick your top 3 features of an app, and I want you to pick from:

- cost
- design/graphics
- ease of use
- continued support
- fresh content (keeps you coming back)
- shareability (let's you include others)

Of course you could add your own if you think I missed something.  Also, there's some debate about whether design and 'ease of use' should be together, but I'm looking primarily at 'looks' / 'use' separation.

Please take a moment and fill in your opinions.