Let's take a walk around Nova Launcher 4.2.0 + Beta

Nova Launcher has been a staple within the Android community as a go to launcher for replacing the standard OEM one you may find with your device. There's many good reasons why. Someone that's new to Nova Launcher will notice that it's fast, reliable, nice transition, efficient and very low memory foot print.

Nova Launcher has come a long way from it's past years and it's been doing just fine. I wanted to bring some attention to the more recent releases we've been seeing about Nova Launcher.

In later November, early December we saw some changes put forward. Some fixes for the vertical drawer spacing that many noted, improved root notification expansion and other noted fixes. What really shined through was in beta 4 of version 4.2.0; Search color was not matching the card background, we also got the ability to disable pull to search. An added visual was introduced to the drawer with the fastscroll color bar.

The changes that it brought were very welcomed and some optimization improvement were noted.

Now fast forward to a week later or so and version 4.2.0 is out of beta with a bunch of added options. Now that persistent search bar was introduced in the drawer we had the ability to search our apps, with that also came frequently used apps at the top. Providing an easier way to access your apps instead of having to scroll to them. This is a sign of relief for the app hoarders out there.

In addition, a root workaround for the slow expanding notification in Marshmallow was introduce and with that a few other interesting changes; Faster scrolling in long listing, optimization of the startup time and more stability.

We're currently in beta 4.2.1 and although not a lot of changes have been recorded, I'm pretty sure that we should see some interesting addition coming soon.

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