[App Update] Google+, Pass, Snapseed, Swiftkey Beta, Uber....

We are December 10th, 2015 folks and there's been a bunch of apps release with some interesting updates. Let's not wait and dive right in and take a look at what's been put forward.

First on the list today we have Google+ and with that the ability to pin posts in your collections. We now have a new design for the communities and some performance improvements. The overall navigation has been improved for a better experience.

I was also trying to figure what the update to the Chromecast application was, but could hardly find any information on the latest changes to the application.

Snapseed went along to improve the RAW development, quality for noisy images as well as providing copy/paste settings from one image to another. The filter style now defaults to the last applied one and the general bug fixes.

Swiftkey Beta for the ones that are always on the edge of new features when it comes to keyboard prediction will be thrilled to know that Android M support has been added. You now have the ability to input currency for Russia, Argentina, Lithiania, Latvia, Esthonia, Slovakia, Germany, Canada and Australia. This shouldn't surprise anyone since Swiftkey is always ahead of themselves and user request.

The change log for Swiftkey beta has more fixes, bug improvement that I can list them!

Uber also released an update as well today, but they failed to provide the details of the change log on the Google Play store.

Pass from Sony Mobile was released, but little to no information on the change log was provided and needless to see there wasn't much on the Xperia Blog neither.