Google Play Music Subscribers are getting 10% off of the Play Store

So, to entice you to sign up for the Google Play Music All Access, good guy Google is giving you some monetary motivation.

We've seen their plentiful freebies they've offered for Chromecast purchasers (yet, I get nothing for my Nexus Player) which, in the end, pays for the Chromecast, and then some.

This time it looks like they're giving those that sign up for GPMAA 10% off of anything purchased (I've copied their text below)

Our old friend +Mark Lastiwka discovered this on his own... but you can just click the link below to get the full description (so thanks for the heads up, Mark!)

Personally, I don't see it on my accounts; but then again, I'm on the freebie version - I imagine once you plop your credit card down for the monthly subscription you'll see it.  If you didn't get the deal of $8 a month, you'll be paying $10... now I doubt you're paying $100 in apps/books/videos a month, but that's the point where it pays for itself to be signed up.  But any savings is good savings!

Source:  Google Play

What's better than the unlimited access to 30 million songs your Google Play Music subscription gets you? Unlimited music and 10% off movies, paid apps & games and more for a limited time. It's our way of saying thanks for being a Play Music subscriber. 
Here's how it works: 
1. Pick out your favourite movie, premium app or game, album or track. Check out some of our top-selling titles below.
2. When you check out, your 10% savings will be automatically applied.
3. Come back and buy more.
4. Each time you buy, you'll get 10% off for a limited time. 
Limited-time offer. Offer good in Australia for current Google Play Music subscribers only. Discount applied at checkout to current Google Play store price for movies and tv shows, music albums and tracks, and paid apps and games purchases on Google Play. Discount does not apply to books, newsstand, in-app purchases, or device purchases. Discount cannot be combined with any other offers. Google may cancel offer at any time.