Game Review - ∞ loop [video]

It's been a while since I've found a good game.  I used to always fling birds or dig in the ground for mining purposes on my phone... but lately it's kinda lost is lustre and I've just been using my phone for more 'worklike' purposes.

So, I wanted to find something - and I've been a big believer in how some of the algorithms out there learn what I like and make suggestions ... I do it all the time with Netflix; so why not with what Google Play will suggest.

The one that popped up is called ∞ loop .. I thought I'd give it a try, and it's actually quite fun!

The way it works is that you're presented with a jumbled design, and each little segment can be rotated around...

What you want to eventually do is rotate each piece so that it connects the little 'pipes' together to make an infinite loop.

Sometimes there may be a couple structures in the design, each having their own infinite loop, sometimes it's one super long chain you have to figure out.

this will get jumbled back to look like


You really have to play it to get it... here's my video of me playing some levels.

So, it's free, and really gets you thinking the higher you go and can be a great time waster.  Give it a shot.

Source:  Play Store

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