BlackBerry PRIV - Reviews are in, and it looks good!

This morning I woke up to several messages, telling me the embargo has been lifted, and BlackBerry PRIV reviews are popping up. Everyone knows I am a big fan of this device (and that I root for BlackBerry).

Well, I spent no time reading and watching what I could before starting my day, and I was happily impressed with the results.

None of us at Android Coliseum have had the opportunity to demo a PRIV as of yet. However, I felt I'd do the next best thing for our readers and list existing reviews from other blogs and YouTube channels.

Android Central

Full review:



The Wall Street Journal

Full review:

The Verge

Phone Arena

As you'll find, overall, the BlackBerry PRIV is receiving a warm welcome. Its biggest negative? It's expensive. At a buyout price of around $900 CAD, this not a device that can be easily bought without some money management first.

That said, it looks likes it is worth its value considering the design, quality, and that slideout keyboard.

So? Are you headed out tomorrow to pick one up? Let me know in the comments below!