Panasonic Home Monitoring System

Have you thought of getting a home monitoring system but don't want to go through all the monthly security charge? Me too so I jumped at the chance to get the Panasonic Home Monitoring System by using my AirMiles points. Unlike many AirMiles rewards, the system has been recently released so you can easily purchase additional peripherals.

What's in the box? A hub, cordless phone, motion sensor, smart plug and two door/window sensors. When you get a system, components are already registered with the hub. We've ordered a camera to add in so I'll update the review with the ease of set up for additional units later.

Setup out  is pretty simple. Although it says to read all the booklets that come in the box (one for each device!) you can opt for the quick start - plug in the hub, download the app. The hub has a large light that indicates status. Start the app, select the colour of light and go from there. Even though it was green initially the password had to be entered to get the hub on the network. Once connected it did a firmware update.

Like the OnHub, the system is managed through an Android app - no web interface. The app is well designed. Sensor is for the motion sensor. When it has been triggered there will be a vibration wave on the line; tap sensor and it gives alarm information. Smart plug shows how many you have attached to the hub and allows you to group them. Phone is a dialer you can use to either phone from your cell number or landline (if you have one). If your landline is dialed the call is forwarded to your cell phone.

The meat of the app is in the smart control and settings. In smart control you can do things like set smart plugs to turn on and off. You can set up to 50 triggers. In settings you can do things like set the delay for arming sensors, set phone numbers that will get notifications. Everything is pretty automatic. The app doesn't seem to use a lot of resources and it also works seamlessly with Android Wear. When you are away from your home network the app will connect using data. The first time I tried it reset but after that it worked well.

This system is a good option if you are looking for a home monitoring system. There is a comprehensive line of accessories ranging from water sensors to sirens and, of course, cameras. The hub can handle up to 4 cameras and 50 sensors and can be monitored by up to 8 mobile devices. You can get it at Sears, Amazon and Panasonic. Without the land line you can set up and control the system from your cell phone or the included handset but I'm not sure you could ever get notifications from door or motion sensors.