LG's V10 is announced

LG has just announced a new device in Korea called the V10, and here's what it entails

5.7" @ 2560 x 1440
plus 2.1" @ 160 x 1040
Snapdragon 808
64GB storage + microSD
16MP (f/1.8) / 5MP
Android 5.1.1 

So, you read that right, there's a second display.  Remember how the Note Edge has that ticker on the side, this one's up at the top, and it'll use always-on technology to provide the info you need without having to power up the full screen.

It's got the G4 in every sense but upgraded RAM, storage and the dual cameras on the front, both are 5MP, but one uses 80 degrees for selfies and the other is 120 degrees viewable for 'usies'.

Plus, they've packed in a fingerprint scanner and a stainless steel frame.

Just watch the video for all the cool features (like audio monitoring with their 3 microphones... I always wondered why they didn't follow up with that Audio Zoom feature they had in the G2).

Now, it's nowhere near being announced in Canada, trust me, I'm asking heavily, but I'm drooling already.

Source:  AndroidSpinXDA