Have Fun at the Big Android BBQ 2015

For those of you who are Android Enthusiasts (like us here at the Coliseum), having an event to go hangout with other enthusiasts is just something that has to be looked in to.  And there's no bigger Android event than the BABBQ.

Unfortunately, it's just too far away for us to go (but we will be at the AndroidTO event, don't worry); so we're going to be ultra jealous of those who are going.  The line up looks amazing!

Starting this Wednesday you can meet at the Hyatt Place and have a bit of a networking reception.

Thursday and Friday are chock full of speakers and workshops.  With speakers from Google, Facebook, Android Central, Trello, Under Armour, Udacity, Cyanogen, Sony...

Really jealous folks.

In years past, Oppo had a deal for attendees, they gave away towels (any hoopy frood wouldn't be caught without their towel), or you could collect pins... so much fun.

So jealous.

Source:  http://www.bigandroidbbq.com/