Google Photos hits it's 100 million daily active user [Unlimited storage]

Google Photos launched as it's own independent application several months ago and today we've been indicated that it's user base is 100 million plus active daily users using the service. I have no trouble believing those numbers since the service does offer you to store your pictures in high resolution for free and it's unlimited.

Google is one of the most used tools online, they offer everything from email, photos storage, to smartphone devices, tablets and wearable. Google is in the business of providing a service that everyone needs.

I've tried many services to store my pictures, Dropbox,, Amazon etc. I always come back to Google because it's a nice little package. Some people may argue that my information is being mined and that I'm giving away too much to one single entity, but I'm on the scale of sure, take it, use it and you know what here I'll just give it all to you knowing that you can data mine the information.


In that sense, yeah it may be too much for people to comprehend, but in this digital world, it's impossible to keep everything completely private.