Ghost Push malware can root your device and install applications

Google has put in a place layers of security to curb possible malware intrusions on the Google Play store, but we all know that not everyone will be using or getting their applications from the Play store. Like anything, Android and Google are immune to possible infection. This brings me to talk about Ghost Push malware.

This isn't a scare tactics, no, this is really a nice piece of "malware", if I can use the word nice on the subject. In short, the malicious software is designed to do several things:

- It will attempt to root your device.
- Install itself in the system core.
- Install a bunch of annoying software that you don't need.

It will do all of this by hiding inside popular apps and it has managed to get onto the Play store. The malicious code was discovered by Cheetah Mobile back in September and nearly 900k of device fail victim to this. It has been able to evade, bypass current security measure put into place on our devices, Google Play store and it's a real pain to try and get rid of.

Here's a short list of the some of the infected applications:
Calculator, Smart Touch, Assistive Touch, Talking Tom 3, Easy Locker, Privacy Lock and others.

This could prove to be a pain for these users. At this present time all the infected, detected application has been removed from the Play store, but that still doesn't save the poor people who have already been infected.