Flyshark Keyboard 2 up on Kickstarter

If you're a tablet user, you'll love to find keyboards for your device.  If you're a phone user... using a keyboard is a little more... awkward.  Usually they're bigger than the phone.  Unless you try one of those folding keyboards.  I recently tried the iClever version and it's pretty awesome.

Even sleeker looking  and is now touting a 1 year standby battery is the Flyshark 2.

So, right now the pledge of $46USD (+$20USD to ship to Canada) you can get the keyboard and some of their free accessories

Not a bad deal; and what's really the killer feature for me is that it looks like a very nice keyboard (it's all about the keys).  It's definitely very 'apple oriented' with its look and some of the shortcut features (hopefully they transfer over as well).

Just note that there is a different model if you are using it on a device that isn't on Android 4.3 yet (and why would you still be using that?)