[Review] TYLT Moto 360 2nd Gen wristband

TYLT has been making accessories for all sorts of mobile devices, from smartphones, tablets to wear devices. This time around, they've improved upon one of their initial wear accessories, the TYLT Moto 360 2nd Gen wristband.

Previously TYLT provided me with the initial Moto 360 wristband they had created, but I felt a bit constricted while wearing it. It was a much shorter fit at 42mm long. With this version, TYLT might just have nailed it for us guys with larger wrist. The 46mm long wristband gives you enough room to breath.

TYLT offers a few more selections for everyone out on the market. This includes a size for women at 42mm in Black and Blue, this is also available in the same size for men, which leaves you with the 46mm for bigger wrist. TYTL makes mention that for the 46mm for men, you need to use the 1st Gen Moto 360 clip, I can tell you that I haven't had a problem loading the newer clip into my Moto 360.

This is a silicone wristband with brush silver buckle and clip, providing anyone who wears it with a nice styled, sweat resistant, water resistant wristband that will not waste away like leather.

This is definitely a must have and at the $29,99 mark, it's not going to break anyones bank.

Link: http://www.tylt.com/moto360-2-band/