[Review] Sonos PLAY:1 delivers high quality music for your mobile home entertainment

I've been playing now for my second week with the Sonos PLAY:1 a simple WiFi or Ethernet enabled speaker that just begs to be used. Sonos aims to rival any of the highest quality brand name that everyone is familiar with and it sure is packing a punch!

Sonos has put a lot of time and design in their hardware and software combination to produce rich, powerful, HiFi sounds that's crystal clear at any volume. What's interesting is the 2 Class-D digital amplifiers that are turned to match the speakers and the acoustic architecture. Within the Play 1 you can find a Mid-Woofer that will ensure the faithful reproduction of mid-range frequencies which are crucial for the vocal playback.

The juicy part about PLAY:1 is the ability it has to tie it into your current environment, all the various supported formats and the many ways you can stream content. This could and can make the perfect companion to add all throughout your home.

Following the easy booklet instruction that they have, I had the Sonos PLAY:1 setup in about 10 minutes. It was completely painless.

The PLAY:1 is $219 at www.sonos.com. Definitely something to consider if you want to have home entertainment done on the Wireless side. You can even pair more than 1 Sonos to get some beats in every corner of your home.

Sonos delivers quality in all the right areas and the Android app hasn't been left out!

They've taken to hearth the design concept of what Google intended when it came to material design. The hamburger menu, the slide in and out, the human touch impression when using the app is all there.

What's my verdict on this nice piece of music tech? If you have the money to spend on installing this wirelessly in your home, I'd say do it. Each speaker delivers amazing quality.

If you find yourself looking for the setup instruction for your very own Sonos PLAY:1, I've got them right HERE for you.