Review: Boogie Board Sync 9.7

For nearly a year, I've been using the Boogie Board Sync 9.7. It has been fantastic at my workplace for quick note taking, sketches, and even some doodles during breaks.

If you're wondering what this device has to do with Android, well, there is an Android companion app for the Sync. So anything written or drawn can be sync'd (hence the name) right to your phone or tablet. It even has the option to go directly to Evernote if you happen to use it!

The Board

The Board Board devices all use an LCD screen panel that is pressure sensitive. You can write with the pen that comes with it, or with your fingernail, These devices are meant to replace paper, and they do just that.

In the case of the Boogie Board Sync, it runs off of a rechargeable battery. In the case of my own, I haven't charged it in months, and it just keeps on going. This is because the screen itself isn't using battery power. The power only applies when clearing the screen, or in the case of the Sync, when using Bluetooth.

Since the connecting/charging port is micro USB, you can use your Android devices' cables to charge, or connect to your desktop. Connecting to a desktop (Windows or Mac) will bring the device up as a USB memory stick, and from there, you can transfer all of your saved content.

The App


A few months ago, the app for the Boogie Board was amped up with some features!

When you first open up the app (and after you've sync'd your Boogie Board via Bluetooth) you'll see a screen showing your Notebooks. Here is where you can collect your saved images into different folders. In my case, I simple made two, Work and Doodles. Obviously you could have quite a bit more.

If happened to sync a lot of images at once to your Android, organizing can be a pain. An option available is to auto categorize by drawing lines on one of the four sizes of the board. So if I draw a straight line down along the left side of the board, that image will automatically land in my Doodles folder. Nice touch.

Another option available is auto syncing with other services. It used to be just Evernote, but they've now added Dropbox and OneNote as well.

Where do I get one?

If you're looking to pick one up, they're around $99.00 CAD and you can find them at Indigo/Chapters, Toys R Us, Amazon, Michaels, and more.