Radio app Jump Radio (CKQB) Ottawa

Taking a look at the local radio stations here in Ottawa, Canada capital, I landed on Jump106.9. The first impression I get when I launch that is that it's all over the place.

As much as I like to listen to the station, the dj's, contest and the shows they offer, the app is dreadful. It's unfortunate that from the start you can see that they haven't followed the guidelines outlined from Google for material design. I have a feeling of being back to the days of Gingerbread.

The goal of the app is to offer the greatest listening experience that Jump has to offer, that's been nailed! Great mix of top songs ranging from pop to mix and edm. I mean there's something for everyone.

Although the app is all over the place, they do try to offer what a user would be looking for. You can find the names of the song, the time it played at and something that not all station offers, a trending list of the top songs.

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