Podcast, music discovery, news show, it's a never ending stream of content!

The podcast business is now incredibly big and it's still expanding at an exponential rate. Everyone who's anyone can start their own session. Broadcast news, stories, music, shows and who knows what more.

Just today, I discovered that one of the guys, I have on Facebook publishes his EDM party mixes on SoundCloud via PodOmatic and I started to listen to some of the tunes while on the city transit to work. This set me off in a good mood to start my day and has given me all the energy I need to tackle what's coming my way.

What I'm interested in is to know what's the best PodCast app you are currently using on your mobile device and you can't live without? Do you have a show that needs to get attention? Then this might be the one spot to let us know!

Comment below and let me know!