Martin's current icon packs - Yeah there's more than one!

Part of keeping up with the digital trend of Android, I like to look at fresh new design, concept and sometimes it happens to be icon packs. I have 3 icon packs, I keep switching around and they are somewhat similar.

If you like to keep a darker type of theme design going for your phone, you may be interested in the following. Without further due, let's dive!

Blue Laser icon pack
As the name would imply, it's a blue icon theme, with some laser looking type of icons. This one melds quite nicely with the darker look to Action Launcher, both on the Sidebar and the QuickPage. Reminiscent of the ICS color scheme.

Do you see a pattern here? In case you haven't noticed, I really like the blue, orange and yellow on a dark theme type setup.

Google Play

Future Technology icon pack
This one is a beauty to look at, the icon is almost similar to a gaming chest you find with a bunch of goodies inside and would mix nicely with a space themed setup. I love the look of the icons and I think it would be even better if you could animate them in the future given them a more human touch.

This is by far not only the 3 I like, but they're way more. I had to limit my choices to my current top 3

Google Play.

Futurounds icon pack
I had to stop with a classic, it's been on the Play store for a long time and it's been last updated in January of 2014, but don't get me wrong, this icon pack works with any apps. The dev made sure to have a default icon frame for each app you may have on your device. With this snazzy looking set, you'd be able to set yourself up with a nice tech vibe for your home screen.

Google Play

I guess this conclude the top 3 Icon pack for me!