Living the Android mobile lifestyle - PART 1

The tablet world isn't about to go anywhere any time soon and we all know it. A lot of people have started to make the transition to a mobile lifestyle for work and home. Maybe this is a trend or maybe this is really what the next Gen?

Several workplaces have started to shift their approach to a more compact office, which ultimately leaves less space for the worker. In addition to doing so, providing a slimmer approach to work equipment is also being introduced.

Of course the mobile lifestyle I'm talking about won't work for everyone. It's obvious that people who work in animation, design, video, programming and the likes can't make use of this. But the typical office worker, home user can! With this notion well engrained in how I work, I decided to start shifting my approach to the mobile lifestyle and see how well this really works. I have a desktop PC at home like many, it serves a multitude of usefulness, but do I really need it?

Yes, I do need it, because a lot of the gaming I do requires that much power, but for everything else? Maybe not so much.

Let's start with some basics of what you'll typically need:
  1. - Backpack or messenger bag
  2. Desktop charger/power
  3. - Smartphone
  4. - Tablet
  5. - Smartwatch
  6. - Bluetooth keyboard
  7. - Bluetooth number pad
  8. - Bluetooth mouse
  9. - Bluetooth headset
  10. - OTG cable
The goal is to be as mobile as I can with my gear. I want you guys to take a look at the list and let me know if I'm missing anything. Probably not. I've reduced the size of a full fledged desktop to a slim down and possibly more efficient work platform that can ultimately be setup anywhere I want.

Provided you have or get yourself a good tablet and in this case, I recommend getting a full size tablet, it will be your day to day interactive tool. Having something that allows you to multitask without effort will aid in this progression to a mobile lifestyle.

This should satisfy a bunch of skeptical users when it comes to being productive on Android. Let's touch base on other tools that might be useful while being mobile. There's a number of solutions already in place due to the large number of places that allows you to bring your own device.

For myself, this allows me to do a lot, mainly, like right now, editing this blog post. Later on in the next part of this article, I'll go over the hardware I use, why, the software that enables me to skip away from the desktop and the issues I've encountered and what was needed to remedy them.

If you're excited as I am for PART 2, you'll be able to learn about the gear I use, the integration I make and the software that ties them all in. In PART 3 of this article, I'll list the hardship I ran into, issues that surfaced and what was done to overcome them and actively be a mobile lifestyle user.

In the mean time, I invite everyone and anyone to comment, share with me how you live your mobile lifestyle. This goes beyond simply using a smartphone for day to day. It really is a way of life.