Humble Mobile Bundle 14 up for grabs!

Oooh, my spidey senses are tingling as another deal is out there.

Humble Bundle has released their 14th mobile version and this one is pretty good.

The first tier is no longer a 'pay whatever you want', it's now at $1... which is still a heck of a deal.  Here's what you get:

Tier 1 (pay more than $1) 
Tier 2 (pay more than the average - $4.46 at the time of writing) 

And you know they'll be adding more down the line!

So, right now that's paying $4.46 and getting $14.69 worth of apps (not counting what the premium or ad free versions cost).  For Double Dragon Trilogy alone, that's worth it (that was an instabuy).

Now only if they could get Humble Games to work on Android TV, that'd be awesome!