Ford releases their own emoji and stickers for all your IM car needs

Admittedly, I'm old.  But I still like to think I grew up during the era of IM.  It may not have been my first mode of communications with friends, but as it emerged, I followed.

But, I just don't get emoji.  But it must be popular enough as there are lots of companies trying to get in on making their own emojis and stickers.

Latest of the bunch is Ford and their emoji pack.  This emoji and sticker pack allows you to paste these various images into your own messages with your friends.

Ford has released branded iOS and Android keyboards, as well as Ford Focus sticker packs for multiple popular messaging apps in order to create more authentic and personalized relationships with customers.

A younger generation of consumers are using mobile messaging applications to connect (For reference, Facebook Messenger has over 700 million monthly active users.) This collaboration with Swyft Media, a multiplatform branded content creator and distributor, allows Ford to Go Further and reach younger customers and consumers in a new way.

30 digital stickers of various Ford Focus models are available, and can be downloaded on Apple iTunes or Google Play free of charge. Digital sticker packs can be downloaded and used in the Kik, PalTalk and Tango mobile messaging apps.