First look at Google OnHub

I think I've mentioned before that one of the advantages of living in a small town is being able to get tech that sells out quickly in larger cities. The OnHub is no exception. In the Hangout on Sept 16th +Martin Guay mentioned they were flying off the shelves yet I was able to reserve one in store. I picked it up today and set it up before I went to work out.

Set up was easy once I figured out how to get the sleeve off. Yep, it's turn and pull but I didn't want to be the person who snapped off on of the little stubs then tried to return it. I was reminded why we don't do a lot with our internet set up as the room has great lighting for watching TV, not so great for accessing backs of electronics. After rolling around on the floor with a flashlight I got it hooked up...then promptly changed it because you really need to connect the OnHub to the cable(or DSL)  modem for it to automatically detect all your stuff. Once past the physical stuff, set up was easy. Download the app, let the OnHub update and stuff connects automatically.

I ended up calling customer support because our printer needs the push button to connect - awesome. Support was really great and we did end up using one of her suggestions which was to keep using the old network and switch over when we want to print. Not ideal but doable. 

Pro - quite attractive for a router, easy set up.
Cons - still need a switch and old network because we have some hard wired stuff, a bit spendy if you're not in the market for a new router.

I do like to know how stuff works and be able to do a manual set up...but in the end, I appreciate a quick and easy set up which the OnHub provided. And now I want to buy more wireless stuff to see how everything plays together.