AndroidPolice is saying Gmail's about to get formatting options

from AndroidPolice
So a while back I had tried out Inbox, but eventually left it, and stayed with my beloved Gmail app.  But there's always been something missing with Gmail... formatting.  Adding in bold or italics... we can do it on the desktop.  We can do it in countless other apps (including other email apps)... but not in the native Gmail app.

For shame.

But it looks like, according to +Android Police, who just love to get their hands dirty and dissect the most recent APKs out there, we may just be getting that feature in a future update for the app.

If you understand your way around some of the technical jargon go give it a look through for their analysis on the potential update (remember, these are just 'best guesses', but it looks like it's a very convincing future).

Now keep in mind, if you download the latest APK you won't see the features implemented... but they're there... just waiting to be activated.