Sword of Xolan [game review][video]

[Update:  just added AndroidTV support in today's app update, cool]

It's been a while since I've reviewed a game (my son's been on reduced screen time this summer and he's usually my inspiration for new games).

I found this one a while back and it's quite fun, I play it at least once a day and it's easy, but yet challenging enough that it could take me a few tries to get through a full level with all the secrets.

So, first off, what I really love about the game is that I can use my little controller to play.  It's one thing to play a game on your phone, another entirely to be able to use your phone like a monitor and have a game controller.  So much retro!

The game is reminiscent of side scrollers like Ghosts 'n Goblins etc where you're just hack and slashing your way through the level.  Get power ups like magic essence for your fireball spell, hearts for health etc...

You can jump (and double jump) your way around enemies and spikes to avoid damage and the purpose is to get to the end and find all the hidden items in the level (there are 3 caged people needing to be freed and a treasure chest).  Levels can be replayed as often as you like until you get all 3.

With the money you find in the game you can purchase 'cards' which provide in-game bonuses, like an extra heart, or start with full spells, etc... so you could replay lucrative levels to purchase them.  Although, you'd have to replay a lot, it's 'spaced out' enough that you'd have to go through just about the whole game once to get enough money to buy all the cards available.

There's 3 'chapters' with about 10 levels and one boss per chapter.  I haven't finished it yet and I've been playing since the beginning of summer.  It's a great enough game that I want to play every day and try a level, and difficult enough that I didn't beat it in the first couple days and never play it again.

There's also the 'challenge' mode, essentially a 'beat the clock' on a level without bad guys, but stuffed bags for you to beat up in under specific amounts of time.

It's a lot of fun, and a great time waster.  Best of all: it's free.  I mean you could pay to remove the ads and support the guy, but the ads are exactly the right amount of non-intrusiveness, but still visible.  They show up when you finish a level or die, but then you just X out of them (no having to wait 30 seconds).

Give it a shot!

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