Sony Xperia T3 [review]

As part of our End of Summer Giveaway we're including 2 Sony Xperia T3 phones.  Now these were released last year, so they're nothing new, but we've never given you our opinion on them before.  So let's rectify that right now, shall we.

Okay, let's go over the specs of the T3 first.

5.3" 1280x720
Snapdragon 400 1.4GHz Quadcore
8GB storage + microSD
8MP / 1.1MP
Android 4.4.4

It's not something you'd purchase hoping to replace a flagship.  But it is something that's usable by the general populous?

I'd think so for sure.  My son has used it  and he's not complained about how slow it is.  For me it's quite slow, it's definitely noticeable in the UI.

Sony, like the Z2, Z3 has crammed it with a ton of apps and elements that in my mind can make it fairly cluttered.

That being said, for the odd game, once you're in you're not going to notice any stutter after that.  For the most part, standard apps (browser, play store, texting, phone, etc...) all loaded up without any real issue.

Even in the low model, Sony included their AR feature to the phone.  I think this is probably the best feature and what really makes my son laugh... a lot.

Although, same as with the other Xperia devices, more than a couple minutes playing with it and you'll get the warning of it's too hot and needs to shut down.

Anyhow... it'll definitely be something that someone will enjoy, with a long battery, and fairly decent camera (just don't use the AR feature) just don't expect to blaze through a ton of apps (space and RAM will limit that).