NextDrive Plug transforms traditional USB devices into a smartphone or tablet accessory!

The ultimate tool for any smartphone or tablet user is NextDrive, I'm not just saying that because I'm an addict to accessories. In the following video, you'll understand completely the concept of NextDrive. In short, you can connect it to any device and load it up on your smartphone,

NextDrive is an affordable IoT solution for your everyday use that allows USB devices to wirelessly connect to smart devices for easy file sharing, personal cloud storage, photo backup, music streaming and more. A micro IoT computer in the form of a small plug, it works with the corresponding NextDrive Connect App over a Wi-Fi connection to wirelessly link users’ smartphones, tablets or laptops with USB devices – such as hard drives and web cameras.

Users can remotely share any type of data file wirelessly with friends, family and coworkers across one or multiple NextDrive Plugs, as long as each plug is associated with each smartphone.

NextDrive Plug is a certified Infineon Security partner and can only be accessed by authorized devices, and all data transfers are secured and authenticated by bank-level security mechanisms and encryption chips. Additional features include optimized phone/tablet charging, multiple plug collaboration and direct connect ability – so users can wirelessly link an associated smartphone directly to the NextDrive Plug to access and share files without a Wi-Fi connection when on the go.

This is simply a few examples of what you can achieve with the NextDrive.

To pre-order the NextDrive Plug or to learn more, visit the Indiegogo campaign.