Mobile lifestyle who's embraced it?

Beside myself and a few others, who's really embraced the mobile lifestyle? Could you actually just work from a tablet and a smartphone for your day to day work? I'm sure a lot of you are going to say no, but I'm going to say yes, you can.

The mobile smartphone/tablet world has evolved so much within the last couple of years that, it's entirely possible to conduct business daily just from your tablet and smartphone. There's no real need for a desktop workstation anchored at work.

Tablets have become and are more powerful than your typical desktop.

Now mind you,  I'm referring to the typical office worker that does email, PowerPoint, Excel and word processing. This doesn't account for people that do require raw power from the likes of AutoCAD or Cinematics users.

This brings me to do this poll and see how many of you are actually living a mobile lifestyle.