Link Bubble got a big update to v1.5 and its changing ownership

Link Bubble now has a new look version 1.5 and it's also changing ownership. In case you've been in the closet for a long period of time, Link Bubble is a floating browser that intercepts your links on your device and opens them up in the form of a bubble, leaving the underlying app active so that you can easily return to it once you've done reading the content of the link you opened.

*Here's the changelog for v1.5*
1. Support for drop down elements.
2. Added ability to color the toolbar with a website's theme/favicon color (Settings -> Color toolbar).
3. Added "Domain redirects" customization, allowing you to define domains which, when loaded, will always be referred to your fallback browser.
4. Updated appearance for material design.
5. Use Lollipop themed Snackbar prompt.
6. Translation support for 6 new languages.
It's something a neat feature and might be a niche area of interest, but this greatly comes in handy when I'm on the tablet. With the inclusion of drop-down elements, this makes it a must app.

Chris Lacy sold Link Bubble to an unnamed source and for all that, it might be an excellent move. Link Bubble needed to move forward and Chris pointed out that this was the next logical step for this baby.

Link Bubble is free on Google Play and a PRO version is also available.

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