Koodo has a deal for you if you're looking for the Moto X Play

So, last Friday the Moto X Play went on sale at a bunch of carriers; one of them, Koodo, really wants your business and is willing to give you a $100 bonus gift to come shop there.

For $410 outright you can snag the phone and then get up to $100 of a free gift.  You'll have to check your local retailer to see what their gift is; but +Sivan Rehan has said that they're offering a 'take it for a Wrist Drive' offer near her:

Take it for a wrist drive. Get a Moto 360 watch or a $100 gift card when you buy the new Moto X Play from Koodo shops!

Will you be looking to switch carriers or take advantage of this deal?  From hearing from +Rob Blaich's friend who bought one he lasted an entire day (including initial setup) and still had 77% of his battery by the end.  Not bad Moto... not bad at all.

Source:  https://www.koodomobile.com/phones/moto-x-play