Is having a 'removable X' or not a deal breaker for you? [poll]

As one platform becomes popular it's inevitable that the fanboyism becomes stronger as the group gets bigger.

I'm against the 'extremists' that are out there in either camp.  It causes blinders to go on and then making wild claims etc... anything can be dismissed or argued away with a wave of a hand; or conversely the angers can get supremely stirred up with the mere mention of a lack of X or the removal of Y feature, etc... and then the butthurtedness starts.

One such thing lately is the trend by Samsung (and some others) with the advent of non-removable batteries, or not including a microSD card.

I tell you, if I hear of one more person say "it's shit like this that makes me want to ditch Android and go get an iPhone".  My best guess here is that whoever wrote that (and I'm guessing you could search any social media platform and find that near exact phrase several times over) has probably omitted the bit of "go back to" iPhone.  Someone willing to ditch an entire ecosystem over one feature is an extremely fickle person, and within a few weeks will probably find something equally annoying that they can be temperamental about.

But it does have me ask a question (see embedded post after the break)