I regret not getting a chance at the Pre - what have you missed out on

So, something popped up on my Facebook today, it was one of those 'look back on this day X years ago' things... and here's what I wrote 6 years ago.

See, my Palm TX was starting to die and I had an old Motorola v300 series (flip phone with a camera!) that was near its EOL as well... and I knew I needed to amalgamate the devices.  I really wasn't sure what to get next.  Android was brand new, and didn't have much knowledge of what they were.  I knew I didn't want to get iOS.  But the Palm Pre (which would be the next evolution) was only available on Bell, and at the time it would have been hard to get a local number (there was conflicting stories from Bell folks as to whether or not it was possible).

I really wanted to stay Palm, but I had the feeling it was the start of the end for them.

I still feel like I missed out on something cool.  I still hate my friend for being able to go out and grab the Palm tablet on their $100 fire sale.

Has there ever been a bit of technology that you missed out on that you still regret?