How many email apps do you have on your phone? [Poll]

I think we've asked the "how many email addresses do you manage on your phone" before.

But, with +Martin Guay having shown us many different email apps in the past(Boxer, Type, WeMail, etc...), I wondered how many you might have on your phone. I used to try to have just Gmail, but some accounts can't be hooked up through it, so I used the built in app, but sometimes the actions on wear are missing... so, trying to find the right mix, is hard. What set up do you have?

Vote in the poll below and go ahead and comment how you've got it all set up!

Currently, I'm on 6 emails on my phone, 2 Google (and one of those is managing a POP3) via Gmail, and then 2 Hotmail and an Exchange via the Stock email app.

Source: AC Post

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