Google Maps now making it easier to share your photos of locations / food

Are you a Local Guide?  It's a program set up by Google Maps where they ask you a few more questions about places you've been, feeding into the review system of various locales in your neighbourhood.

They have various "levels" built in based on how many reviews you've done - once you reach Level 3 (50 reviews) you can now have an option pop up when you've taken a photo at a location for you to offer to submit it to maps.

Currently I'm Level 3 (tho' maps says I only have 35 reviews... I can't find anywhere where it'll say my level aside from the email I got).

Share your latest discovery

Give others a taste of the hottest places in town by posting your foodie pics on Google Maps for Android. It's quick and easy with a new feature rolling out early to Local Guides levels 3 and up.
1.Snap a photo of restaurants, bars, meals, and drinks.
2.Get a notification on your Android.
3.Post your epic meal on Google Maps in just two taps.