Download the Stagefright exploit patch for Nexus with these OTA zips

So we've all heard about the exploit that takes advantage of the Stagefright library... and then Google, Samsung, LG and Motorola all pledged to have monthly security patches coming out to help fix not only that issue, but any future ones as well.

Well, the build for the Nexus devices has been available for a little bit, and if you haven't received your OTA yet, you can still download just the zip to flash at your leisure now.

So to flash these files, remember you'll need to have either a custom recovery or you can just "adb sideload ...".

If you have a custom recovery already installed, just boot into recovery and then flash the appropriate zip (downloads below).

If you haven't, then you'll need to ensure you have the Android SDK tools and the appropriate drivers.  You can always hit us up for help.

The list of Zips come from DroidLife who've compiled these nicely (and have a great walkthrough on how to flash if you're unsure).  I've only included the appropriate for Canadian models.

Nexus 4 – [LMY48I from LMY47V, 20.1MB] – Download LinkNexus 5 [LMY48I from LMY48B, 10.1MB] – Download LinkNexus 6 – [LMY48I from LMY47Z, 24.6MB] – Download LinkNexus 7 (2013) WiFi – [LMY48I from LMY48G, 10.3MB] – Download LinkNexus 7 (2013) LTE – [LMY48L from LMY47V, ] – Download LinkNexus 9 WiFi – [LMY48I from LMY47X, 22.9MB] – Download LinkNexus 10 – [LMY48I from LMY47V, 18.5MB] – Download Link

Source: Android Images via DroidLife