Do you stream music? Videotron will now offer you unlimited data for that

I'm in love with Google Play Music.  Getting my 6 months free for All Access has again opened my eyes to the love that is the service.

It just kinda burns that it'll use up $10 a month and then after that I'll have watch my data plan so that I don't burn up any more money in data overages (sure, I can pin while on wifi, but then it's like you're missing out on some of the best bits of the service: whatever, whenever!).

Well, Videotron feels that pain and is offering unlimited data for streaming music apps if you're on a 2GB plan or more.

Why won't Videotron come to my neck of the woods.  I'd switch for that.  My office doesn't have Wifi and my 3GB plan is normally consumed by G+/Ingress and others so I'm usually near the limit as it is, without any music streaming (I have to manage my playlists and 'on phone' content while at home).  And with the office now shutting down live streaming services one by one I can't listen to the music I want to on my work computer.  So, this would be great!

What I love is that they even say "hey, we know this isn't all the apps out there, so let us know if there's one you like"; meaning they're probably open to including more services.