[APP] Textra updates to version 3.3 with performance improvement

Textra is one of those go to application if you want a bit a flare, but with all the features you should have in a stock sms application. The recent update brings forth performance enhancement, dynamic avatar resizing based on text size and more.

What's New:
- Improved performance when navigating between screens, try 'back arrow' from a conversation!
- Textra will now dynamically resize (avatars and spacing) based on your specified Text Size. So much better if you use Larger or Smaller font sizes.
- Enhanced the previously named 'Compact SMS Messages' now named 'Strip Accents & Diacritics' to also provide an Always option.
- Bug fixes, notably system font not working (5.0.N firmware), + panel not opening (with Cleanmaster > iSwipe active) and 3 blank MMS bubble issues.
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