Android Wear update coming with Translate and Interactive Widgets

So we were hinted at strongly the other day by +Derek Ross that something was a-brewin' for
Android Wear and I couldn't quite think what it would be.

Well, today came and there was actually 2 announcements for it:

Translate now has Wear functionality
Watch Faces can now be interactive

I was hard pressed to come up with what I thought Android Wear should bring in for an update, as it does already so much that I want.

But when you think of it, the language translation thing is something that should have been obvious.  How it's a 'software update' for Wear and not just an extension of functionality of the app is a bit odd to me.  The only thing is the writing might be pretty small for someone to read the translation on tho'.

The interactive watch face idea is neat.  I'm not sure how I feel about it... is it going too far into the 'launcher' realm, where I might not want it to go?  Then again, my Face is InstaWeather and being able to switch between rainfall predictions/humidex might be nice.

I guess we'll all have to wait for the update to come in and then for our favourite faces to implement the new features.