Android Wear now compatible on iOS

Well, this was something that was rumoured about for some time - allowing Android Wear on iOS.  Now, was it a hold up of iOS wanting to ensure it's own Apple Watch had some klout before letting someone else come on to the field, or just it took a while for how it'll work on iOS?

No one really knows... but what we do know is that now it will work.

The caveat being that it only works right now with the LG Watch Urbane and then future devices (now, is that only because the Urbane has Wifi and presumably the others do... so will it come to watches like the Moto 360 or the Sony?).

I know a few households where one has an iDevice and the other has Android... now with this, they both could get Wear and use "together" as a nice way to stay in touch (aside from the million other ways).

Know anybody you'll be recommending the Urbane to?