ZNAPS wireless charging - is this the accessory you've been looking for?

One of the "must have" features I want on any new device is wireless charging. With many newer Android devices having non removable batteries the only way to get this has been with an add on case...until now with the ZNAPS magnetic charger KickStarter.

One thing about getting products targeted at Apple devices is the creators take a lot of time with design. The goal of the project was always a sleek, unobtrusive accessory; looks are EVERYTHING. As the KickStarter has met goals, features common to Apple products have been added (the creators seem embedded in the Apple world). The default colour was white but with subsequent targets being met, black then gold connectors were added, then LED indicators. Most recently the goal has been met to make special design connectors.

While I had wireless charging on my S4 by adding an adapter under the battery back, I didn't become familiar with magnetic charging until I got my Z3 Compact. I've found magnetic charging to be quick and reliable. It doesn't use any standards (just science!) so it won't be superseded. The Z3C magnetic charging has no battery heating like I had with my after market Qi charging coil; the ZNAPS should be similar. I love the idea of having it for the tablets in our home since it's so easy to try to insert the microUSB incorrectly. Being able to use the adapter/connector for data transfer is a nice feature although I don't know any Android users that use anything other than wireless file transfer. It is water proof so it can add back in the magnetic charging feature that was recently removed with the latest Sony refresh.

People may be leery of supporting a KickStarter but the Pebble also got into development with this type of crowd funding. This campaign ends on August 14 with shipping in December.

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